Employment & Industrial Relations

Given the changing landscape of employment and industrial relations law in recent years across all jurisdictions in Australian both on a State and Federal level it is important to have appropriate procedures and obtain qualified advice when engaging your workforce.

Once an employment and/or a contractual work arrangement commences there are many interested stakeholders including government (state and federal), unions, industry regulators, insurance companies and the taxation authorities in addition to the employer/employee.

There are numerous obligations on both the employer and employee after the completion of a contract of employment which include the correct payment of wages/salary, the maintenance of certain safety and procedural requirements, avoidance of unfair practices such as discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying and the compliance with disclosure and reporting obligations.

Our team has considerable experience in advising on the rights and responsibilities in employment and industrial relations matters and settling disputes between parties.

Our expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following areas of law and compliance:

  • Preparation and review of contracts of employment
  • Probation, Termination or Redundancy and Restructure
  • Unfair/Unlawful Dismissal
  • Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and/or Bullying
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Wage/Salary Awards and Benchmarks
  • Leave Entitlements
  • WorkCover