Criminal & Negligence Law

The Australian and in particular the New South Wales criminal justice system is an extensive area of law and judicial procedure.  While Negligence Law may be administered under the regulatory scheme of a particular professional body or authority, in criminal matters offences are heard and determined by a Court of Law in the jurisdiction where the offence was committed.

There are mainly two (2) types of criminal offences, those that are referred to as ‘Summary Offences’ and/or ‘Indictable Offences’.  The latter types of offences normally carry higher penalties and are usually heard by the higher Courts such as the District and Supreme Courts in the State of New South Wales.

We recognize that there may be a varied array of offences which that are not listed here and may include the death of a person, drug matters, sexual assault, theft, dishonesty and public order offences.  We understand that when being accused or charged with an offence it is a time of extreme stress and worry which impacts on one’s life, livelihood and family.

Our expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following areas of criminal law:

  • Motor Vehicle Offenses including Drink Driving
  • Assault & Domestic Violence Law
  • Criminal Court Proceedings & Appeals
  • Bail & Police Powers
  • Mental Health and the Law
  • License Appeals
  • Professional & Medical Negligence Law

Additionally, we can attend to other matters that involve other forms of crime or negligence and can provide support and advice in respect to such matters.